Rand Quality

Quality Assurance and Quality Control. Staying competitive today requires more planning and foresight than ever before. At Rand, we believe in quality products with high reliability and zero tolerance, that is why we have dedicated over 2,500 square foot quality assurance room, which is temperature controlled to 68F+-1F.

The room houses 3 coordinate measuring machines including two Brown & Sharpe One Coordinate Measuring Machine with travels of x-(27.6”), y-(39.4”), z-(25.6”), and a resolution of DEA Alpha Performance with a measuring envelope of 6m (236”)(X) x 2m (78.8”)(Y) x 1.5m (59”)(Z) along with a 30” Optical Comparator and thousands of conventional gages and measuring devices all calibrated and traceable to NIST. We take quality seriously. Significant investments have been made to maintain consistency and quality throughout the production process. Because of our rigid quality standards, the dimensions and the tolerances are guaranteed on every part we ship. We make individual inspection reports and full certifications packages (As required) available on finished machined parts to help minimize incoming inspections.

Quality Assurance

  • ISO 9001-2008 (Since 2006)
  • Calibration IAW ISO 17025, ISO 10012 (all traceable to NIST),
  • Inspection Sampling Plans IAW ANSI Z1.4 & MIL-STD-1916,
  • CMM Standard IAW MIL-STD
  • Statistical Process Control
  • CE/PED Certified (Product Specific)