Rand Engineering

We have a highly experienced Engineering Team with a combined 100+ years of experience with machining, CAD/CAM, Mechanical Design / Engineering, Automated Systems Design, Failure Analysis for both Tool & Die as well as Manufacturing Process Engineering & Development. Our Engineering and Quality Assurance Staff will work closely with you to design, develop and/or improve part design for manufacturability and production efficiency, design tools, fixtures, automated systems and be able to produce the hardware to support your project at any level desired.

With prototype machining, weld fabrication, metal forming / stamping, deep draw stamping and contract capabilities Rand Machine Products is a leading custom machining manufacturer serving customers in the construction, industrial, automotive, electronics, medical, oil and gas, furniture, aerospace, defense, and food and packaging to name a few. Committed to serving major industrial sectors, including the defense, gas & oil and railway, we can handle all aspects of a project from product development, manufacturing to coating, metal plating, brazing to assembly and packaging. As an ISO 9001-2008 certified company, we manufacture custom machine components adhering to strict standards and have a reputation worldwide for providing the highest quality with innovative engineering at competitive pricing.


Rand Machine Products has made significant capital investment for expansion in the past couple of years for both state-of-the-art machine shop equipment and building expansion (approximately $5.6 million). We expanded our physical structure from (140,000) sq. footage to a little over (160,000) sq. footage and invested in machining and turning centers, programming software and non-conventional machinery. Rand Machine Products is one of the few manufacturers in the United States offering a full 5-axis machining (Mill/Turn Center 42” OD x 20’ long and up to approx 15,800 pound work piece) and a CMM measuring envelope of 6m(X) x 2m(Y) x 1.5m(Z). A brief summary of a detailed list outlining its capabilities and qualifications are stated below.