Capabilities: Precision Machining


We invest in state-of-the-art CNC technology

Built to Print/Custom Machining for your next project.

Rand Machine Products, Inc. is a custom / build-to-print manufacturing company and machine shop with a wide range of manufacturing capabilities in support of a very diverse customer set (the top 3 of which are defense, railroad and energy industries).

Our experienced CNC machining fabricators hold themselves to the highest standards while providing services at an affordable price. Our goal is to meet all of our customers’ precise fabrication requirements, in a timely manner. At Rand Machine, we strive to be the one stop provider for projects that require machined parts.

Our on-site Tool & Die Division provides the expertise for tool & die development and production. Together we help support our customers from R&D through full production (individual parts to the assembly & test of multiple parts).

Our machining capabilities enable Rand Machine Products to be a leading provider for all our customers’ projects. Contact us at 716-708-4583 to find out more about our CNC Machining services.