Capabilities: Non-Destructive Testing


We ensure the reliability and safety of your products, equipment and plant assets.

Non Destructive Testing to Ensure The Quality of Every Product.

Materials, products and equipment which fail to achieve their design requirements or projected life due to undetected defects may require expensive repair or early replacement. Such defects may also be the cause of unsafe conditions or catastrophic failure, as well as loss of revenue due to unplanned plant shutdown.

Rand Machine has the NDT understanding, knowledge, experience and technology to ensure our products are up to your standards. 

Level I & II Certified NDT Professionals in accordance with NAS-410 and ASNT-TC-1A 

  • Wet Fluorescent
  • Visible Dry Particle
  • Magnetic Particle Testing
  • AC/DC Yoke

Full service Magnetic Particles and Dye Penetrant NDT Inspection:

  • Water Washable Wet Fluorescent
  • Solvent Removable Visible Penetrant

Our NDT capabilities enable Rand Machine to be a leading provider for all our customers’ projects. Contact us at 716-708-4583 to find out more about our Non-Destructive Testing services.