Racing Component Parts

Machine Shop offering Racing Component Parts
in the Buffalo, NY; Pittsburgh, PA; & Cleveland, OH Areas

Racers know how important it is to use the proper racing component parts to keep your vehicle running smoothly and safely. Rand Machine offers a variety of precision machining parts to racers throughout the Cleveland, OH; Pittsburgh, PA; and Buffalo, NY areas. These include lug nuts, wheel spacers, window net rods, and more.

It's vitally important to use the correct lug nuts when fastening your wheels to your vehicle. There are three basic types of lug nut: cone shape, a spherical shape, and a flat washer or "Mag Type." Pay attention to factors such as thread size, proper torque, and thread engagement when choosing the lug nuts for your vehicle. The experts at Rand Machine shop offer lug nuts in a variety of sizes and shapes. We'll be happy to help you find the perfect part for your racing vehicle. 

Our precision machining shop also creates rods for your window nets. A window net is an important piece of safety equipment when you're racing, so we go the extra mile to create sturdy window net rods in our precision machining shop. Racers throughout the Cleveland, OH; Pittsburgh, PA; and Buffalo, NY areas come to us for welding fabrication!

Are you looking for wheel spacers for your racing vehicle? Wheel spacers improve your vehicle's stability by widening its track width and offering added clearance to your disc brakes. Rand Machine is here to help. Our precision machining experts create high-quality wheel spacers for all kinds of vehicles in the Buffalo, NY; Cleveland, OH & Pittsburgh, PA areas. 

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No matter what kind of racing component parts your vehicle needs, Rand Machine is here to help. Call our machine shop today to learn more about our welding fabrication products and to place your order!
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